Ecobee showcased its newest generation smart thermostat this week at the Collision Conference in New Orleans. It is the first from the company to have compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa, which seems to be a major selling point for many smart home enthusiasts. With it’s built-in microphone, the ecobee 4 can follow all of Alexa’s commands. Yes this means all 12k of them but many still wonder if it is the best smart thermostat available right now?

In shorter terms, the new ecobee 4 is an Echo Dot and a smart thermostat all in one. It’s wall mounted like most and has virtually everything the Dot does. You can control your home’s temps with simple voice commands and you can also listen to the latest news stories, or even listen to music. The company has been talking about offering some new smart switches that will work with Alexa as well in the near future so total smart home integration with the ecobee will be available very soon to those who are interested in the device.

At around the $250-$300 range, the device has already hit stores and is available right now. It was released on the 15th of this month. Some might have questions about if it’s better than the Nest thermostat which is also a smart home thermostat and I can say that if it’s not better, it’s definitely going to be a hard decision between the two. This trend of Alexa compatible smart home devices seems to be something that is only going to get better so if you are undecided then maybe wait a little longer as I see many other companies deciding to unleash their own smart devices that will work with the Alexa platform.

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